Support for plants where they grow:


  • Gardens
  • Patios
  • Decks

Made in America


  • EASY STORAGE...Will hang or lay flat so storing multiple cages is a breeze.
  • EASY SET UP...Just slide the legs around the wires and you are ready to push the upright supports into the soil.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE...E Z Tomato Cages are made of galvanized and aluminum parts so they are rust resistant, just brush off dirt and store.
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    EZDemo1 EZDemo2
    Step #1 Take the EZ Tomato Cage out of Storage
    Step #2  Hold the EZ Tomato Cage so the rings fall down
    Step #3  Space the EZ Tomato Cage legs out evenly
    Step #4  Insert the EZ Tomato Cage into the ground around the plant


E Z Tomato Cages can also be used for other garden vegetables and flowering plants, pole beans, cucumbers, peas and any plants that need support.

E Z Tomato Cages are 59 inches tall and 13 & 15 inches in diameter.
24 inch extensions are available.